Thin Film Vacuum Coating

Vacuum Coating by Sputtering

Vacuum Coating by SputteringVacuum coating by sputtering has established a leading position for the deposition of thin films. This is because of its relatively easy scalability to high volumes and sizes, its good control of most layer characteristics, and its wide variety of available materials and possible coating stacks. Moreover, the technology is commonly accepted and widely used in the architectural and automotive industries. However, in display and PV applications, the use of rotatable technology has been introduced more recently.

Within the large area coating business, the rotating cylindrical magnetron concept has proven to offer superior properties relative to the planar concept and to satisfy most industrial requirements. The geometry and sputter performance of rotating cylindrical sputter targets result in several advantages relative to planar sputter targets.

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Kamis is adept at complex composite synthesis and alloy preparation for hot pressed ceramics and vacuum cast targets. We employ a range of melting, crushing, screening, and blending techniques to formulate non-standard and one off R&D compounds. Complete material characterization is performed and provided on all thin film materials. Contact Kamis with any queries concerning Vacuum coating by sputtering.

Coatings are available in a large range for many different applications. The properties of these coatings can and have been improved. This is done by the addition of other elements such as vanadium, yttrium, chromium etc. Also by the development of multilayers by material design. If you have a particular question or request, please do not hesitate to contact Kamis. We always endeavor to accommodate your specific needs.

Our highly trained and certified staff can handle the manufacture of both standard OEM sputter system backing plates and customer-designed units. Customers will receive properly finished sealing surfaces and tight-toleranced dimensions.

Kamis serves the growing demands of the vacuum thin film coating industry. Our commitment to quality products, timely customer service and industry leading deliveries has been the cornerstone of our success. In conclusion, Kamis offers the thin film industry virtually any ceramic, precious, or non-precious PVD material.