Thin Film Vacuum Coating

Thin Film Vacuum Coating on Flat Substrates

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Thin Film Vacuum CoatingOver the years, there’s been much research and development in the field of thin film vacuum coating on flat substrates. Consequently, US based KAMIS has been a trusted partner to the vacuum coating industry, top research facilities and universities around the world.

At a recent Fraunhofer FEP, representatives of leading companies, Corning Inc., Saint-Gobain Glass, Schott AG and experts in this field highlighted recent technological achievements. Therefore, an outlook on future trends was provided. New smart products and the global increasing demand for transparent architecture are posing new challenges to the fabrication and handling of flat materials such as glass, flexible glass and polymers.

The technology session will cover the aspects of large-area, homogeneous, dynamic layer deposition, up-scaling of coating processes, in-line process monitoring, deposition of layer systems via sputtering for architectural glazing, lighting, automotive applications and optics.

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