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Thin Film Vacuum Coating on Flat Substrates

Call Kamis With Your Thin Film Vacuum Coating Questions! Over the years, there’s been much research and development in the field of thin film vacuum coating on flat substrates. Consequently, US based KAMIS has been a trusted partner to the vacuum coating industry, top research facilities and universities around the world. At a recent Fraunhofer […]

Thin Film Deposition Vacuum Process

The vacuum process of thin film deposition involves the application of coatings of pure materials over the surface of different objects. The thickness of coatings or films typically possess a range of microns and angstroms. Therefore, they can be of single material or a layered structure of multiple materials. Using quartz crystal monitoring, there are […]

Depositing Thin Films for Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Targets and Depositing Thin Films from Kamis, Inc. Sputtering is a unique and repeatable process and has the ability for depositing thin films from a range of materials on to different shapes and sizes of substrates. The process can be upgraded from research and development projects to manufacturing of batches involving medium to large […]

Sputtered Films and Sputtering Targets

Kamis Sputtered Films for the Deposition of Thin and Sputtered Films Sputtering is one of the most popular technologies for deposition of thin films or Sputtered Films. Although sputtering was first developed about 200 years ago, since World War II it has become increasingly important. This includes the creation of innovative devices. Also becoming fundamental […]

Metal Targets During Sputtering

KAMIS Consistently Provides High Quality Metal Targets KAMIS provides a range of forms, sizes and configurations of pure PVD sputtering metal targets for thin film coating applications. Consequently, our metal sputtering targets are guaranteed for reproducibility, homogeneity and uniformity. When a Cu surface is sputtered by ion bombardment under the condition that Mo atoms arrive […]

Thin Film Sputtering Composition Measure

Thin Film Sputtering Composition Technique in the Sputtering Process Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) is a Thin Film Sputtering technique. Used in materials, this science studies the composition of thin films and solid surfaces. Implemented by using the sputtering the sample’s surface with a focused primary ion beam. In recent years, there has been an […]

Sputtering Target Bonding Preferred Method

Sputtering Target Bonding Methods Metallic bonding delivers excellent thermal conductivity and is recommended for most sputtering target bonding applications. The most effective metallic bonding is with indium and is the preferred Kamis sputtering target bonding method. Kamis uses only high purity indium for the majority of its bonding, to ensure the strongest bond between a […]

Thin Film Materials From Kamis!

Thin film materials have thousands uses for highly specialized technologies and everyday items. The thin film material market continues to grow and so does demand. Kamis is the premier source for thin film materials to clients all over the world. The thin film material market is directly influenced by the growth in the end-user industries, […]

Thin Film Applications and Vacuum Coating

Kamis for Thin Film Applications for Optical Coatings for a Lens, Mirrors, and Semiconductor Devices Kamis Inc. is a supplier for thin film applications and a trusted partner to the vacuum coating industry for top research facilities and universities around the world. Look to Kamis for highest standard products and tools used to produce nano […]