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High Purity Evaporation Material for Research Facilities and Universities

Premier High Purity Evaporation Material Provider

High Purity Evaporation MaterialKamis provides High Purity Evaporation Material for the premier research facilities and universities worldwide. Furthermore, we partner with clients with their needs in mind in order to complete projects on time and within budget. The successful performance of our products is dependent on the customized use of high purity materials for your specific physical vapor deposition processes. Let us know your requirements. Prices determined by market fluctuations and availability, and can give you and immediate quote. Kamis listens and consistently delivers.

High purity evaporation materials from Kamis play a crucial role in the efficiency of the deposition process. And consequently, in the quality of the deposited film. Kamis also provides crucibles in a full range of dimensions and purity for thin film coatings. Finally, with Kamis, our optimized melt properties help result in the improvement of production yields.

For Use in Vacuum Evaporation

PVD coatings from Kamis have high temperature threshold, excellent abrasion resistance, high impact strength and are reliably durable. As a result, our customers are provided with the most recent advances in coating technology along with unparalleled service. Contact us for a variety of shapes and sizes to best fit your coil, boat, or hearth liner. The most common evaporation materials shapes are pellets, granules, rod, wire and starter sources. However, if you need an uncommon shape or size, contact Kamis to see if we can meet your specific requirements.

Got specific requirements or Questions about sputtering targets, evaporation materials, crucible liners, metal foil, sheet, plate, or rod and wire? The technical staff at KAMIS is ready to provide expert knowledge to assist you with your project.

Contact KAMIS today at 845-628-6173 or click the blue button below for quick answers and attention from our knowledgeable staff.

KAMIS prides itself on consistently providing high quality materials and dependable service. We stand behind every product we deliver. If you are ever unsatisfied with your material, contact KAMIS for a full replacement or refund.

Kamis Inc

The entire support staff and sales engineers at KAMIS are always available during business hours to answer your technical questions and offer guidance on your projects.

In conclusion, our expertise and commitment to supplying high quality products and service has enabled KAMIS to earn thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

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